Advance HTML and CSS Course in Delhi

HTML and CSS is one of the best languages for designing websites. Web designers across the globe have been using these languages to design high quality websites since decades. Newer and more advanced versions of these languages are launched from time to time to meet the changing industry standards. Web designers must learn the latest version of these languages to upgrade their knowledge and create better websites. Many top institutes offer advanced courses in HTML and CSS.

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How to Select the Best HTML CSS Training Course Delhi?

Here is how to select the best HTML CSS training course in Delhi:

Faculty Members: One of the first things you must check is the reputation of the faculty members/trainers who will be training you. You can check their LinkedIn profile and other social media handles as well as the institute’s website to find out about their popularity. Many institutes upload demo lectures of their faculty members on their websites. This should give you a clear about the skills and teaching style of their trainers and help you decide better.

Method of Teaching: You must also check the teaching methods used by the institutes. An institute that imparts theoretical knowledge and practical training in equal proportion is always a better option. This way you don’t just learn about the various aspects of these languages in detail but also understand how to apply them efficiently. So, you gain enough hands-on experience before you use it for an actual project.

Course Curriculum: Course curriculum must also be checked to find out whether it covers every aspect of the latest versions of these languages or not. It is imperative to check this in detail to have clarity on all that you will be able to handle after undergoing this course.

 Best HTML CSS Training Course Delhi

Here is a look at all that the best HTML CSS training course covers:

The best HTML and CSS course in the currents times trains the students in HTML5 and CSS3 as these are the latest versions of these languages. Under this course, the students learn about static/ dynamic website, SEO friendly websites, responsive websites, editors in HTML, working with basic tags such as formatting tags, title and meta tag and more. Detailed knowledge is imparted about different kinds of links such as internal link, image link, text link, email link, phone link, external link and more. Working with lists, working with Google Map and YouTube, working with tables and HTML form also forms a part of this course. Besides, the students are taught about HTML5 semantic tags, HTML5 audio and video and HTML API’s.

Various aspects about CSS are also covered under this course. This includes types of CSS, internal, inline external, CSS selectors, how to link external CSS, selectors: class or elements, margin and padding, aligning div and inline or block element. The course also includes working with background colour, background image and gradient, working with text properties, working with icons and fonts, menus and positions, outline and UI, image stretching problem, 2D and 3 D transforms, hover, transitions and animations.

An advanced course in HTML and CSS training can be completed in 45 days. You can even go for a fast track course in this subject. It can be completed in 15 days. Crash course in HTML and CSS, on the other hand, takes just around 10 days to complete.

You will be able to create high quality, fully functional websites by the time you complete this course.

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