React JS

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Classroom | Online 45 Days

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React JS is a library of JS. It is used to create a spa(Single Page Application) which is demanded in the market nowadays. This course is specially designed for those who want to be front-end developers or want to update profiles in web design. By learning React you can get a handsome salary in the company because React JS is mostly used for big projects some example: cardekho, Netflix, etc.

Course Content : 
ES6 Concepts
  • Arrow Function
  • Map
  • Object.keys
  • Destructuring
  • let,const,var
  • ...(Spread Operator or Transpiler)
  • backticks (``)
  • Class and Objects
  • Inheritance
  • bind()
  • this keyword
React Introduction
  • Introduction to React
  • Why React ?
  • Virtual DOM
  • npm,npx,yarn
  • Basic CMD Commands for React
  • React Installation
  • React Folder Structure
  • Running React App
Components In React
  • Significance of component architecture
  • Types of Components
  • Functional Component
  • Class Component
  • Component Composition
  • state
  • props
  • default export & named export component
  • Introduction to Component Life Cycles
  • ComponentDidMount
  • ComponentDidUpdate
React Router
  • Overview & Installation of React Router
  • How to use in Project
  • Nested Routing
React Bootstrap
  • React Bootstrap Installation & Setup
  • Working with React Bootstrap Components
Styling React Components
  • Styled Components Overview
  • Advantage of using styled components
  • work with styled components
Working with API calls
  • Api overview
  • fetch
  • axios
Working with Form and Events
  • Working with Forms
  • Events (keyup,click etc.)
  • this.bind
  • Arrow function
Code Splitting
  • What is code splitting
  • Why do you need code splitting
  • React.lazy
  • Suspense
  • Route-based code splitting
Context Api
  • Introduction to Context API
  • When to Use Context
  • Create Context
  • Context.Provider
  • Context.Consumer
  • Reading Context in Component
React Hooks
  • What are Hooks
  • Why do you need hooks
  • Different types of hooks
  • useState()
  • useEffect()
  • useContext()
  • useDispatch()
  • useSelector()
  • useReducer()
Redux & React Redux
  • Introduction to Redux
  • Why Redux
  • Redux Principles
  • Installation of Redux ,React-Redux
  • CreateStore,Action,Dispatch
  • Understand higher order component
  • Understanding mapStateToProps and mapDispatchtToProps usage

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