What are the career prospects of web development after 12th

If you are thinking about web development after 12th, then before entering this field you need to know its career prospects. You can find different courses in this field. They are e...

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Web Development Courses After 12th

Web development programs are attracting a lot of students especially those who have passed out 12th standard. Yes, in the world of digitalization, web development courses after 12th are p...

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How to Iterate or loop Between two Dates

Solution :  Sometimes we have need to iterate loop between two dates , example we have to update data or insert data in database between two dates. In php we can easily iterate loop between date range by using date function o...

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How to use Ajax in PHP with JQuery

Ajax is called (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) , It is used when we want to send data into database or recieve data from database without reloading the whole page.

Example : 

Promocode in ...

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Configure Outlook 2007 with Webmail or Cpanel Email Account

Configuring Outlook with webmail or cpanel is common requirement ,Here are some steps to configure outlook with webmail these steps are following : 

Solution : 

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