How to use Live Chat on website

How to use Live Chat on website

Live chat is trendy nowadays to contact any person internationally or to serve 24x7. It has handy features for website examples: to enquire about courses, services or anything else is very simple because we can live chat 24x7. That's why our international customers, students, and clients contact us quickly. Several live chat applications are available in the market, mostly paid, but some of the chat applications are free. One prevalent live chat application which is freely available to use is Here We will see how to use on website steps are following:

Step 1:  Go to website .

Step 2:  Click on the Sign up for free button and fill the form: form is divided into multiple parts

First: You have to fill in your firm name, email, and password.

Second: Select the Language option.

Third: You have to fill in the website name or firm name. Website site URL means your domain name, Widget name; In Widget name, enter your firm name.

Fourth:  In this step, you have to add team members to give access to your live chat application. If you want to use only yourself, you have to click on the cross icon button of the second input row. Click on the next install widget button.

Fifth: Copy the script code and click on the done button.

Sixth: Paste the script in your HTML file at the end of the body tag. If you have a dynamic website, then paste this code in the footer before closing the body tag.

To use any live chat application, you should keep one point in mind: live chat is only used on the live website means if you have purchased a domain and hosting, you can use this feature. If you don’t, then you can't use it on a local website.


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