Why Digital Marketing Expert Course at Web Development Institute

Advance Digital Marketing Course at Web Development Institute of the best courses in the field of digital marketing. This six-month diploma course in digital marketing covers all the concepts of graphic design, web design, video editing, WordPress website development, SEO, SMO, PPC, Content marketing, Schema Markup, ORM, Email Marketing, etc. The advance Digital Marketing Course is broadly divided into 12 Modules. Each module is designed by professional and expert trainers after deeply analyzing the industry and technology.

This course is available in both online and classroom mode at Regular, Fastrack, and Crash Mode. Our key features of training are that anyone can do this course as per their choice and in each mode, course content will be the same.

Module 1: Graphics Designing (Adobe Photoshop)

social media posts. After the first module, our trainee was able to design any type of post. Above mentioned modules are covered in between training at Web Development Institute. Our first modules start with graphic design concepts where we teach all the concepts of image editing, banner, infographics, poster, etc, designing. During the first modules, our trainee learns to create
Features of this module:
  • Learn the concept of image editing
  • Learn to create posts, banners, infographics, web PSD, etc.
  • Skills to create high-quality image


Module 2: Web Designing

Module 2 covers all the concepts of HTML, CSS & BOOTSTRAP. Where we teach the concepts of web page design attractive using HTML & CSS. After this, we teach Bootstrap to create responsive pages and also discuss the concepts of how to increase website speed and apply all concepts of on-page Optimization. This module helps our students to implement all SEO tags and meta tags and tools to include in the website during the promotion of the website.

Features of this module:

  • Learn to create web pages
  • Learn to create a responsive website
  • Learn to implement important SEO tags
  • Grow skill in Web Design


Module 3: Video Editing using Filmora

In this module, we teach the concepts for creating video through filomora software. Quality video is important for SEO to improve the branding and popularity of any business. Keeping this, we have put this software in our advanced digital marketing course so that our alumnae learn concepts of video editing and implement them on online promotion.
Features of this module:
  • Learn to create quality video
  • Skills to create best quality video for promotion


Module 4: Website Development using Word press CMS

WordPress is one of the important CMS to design and develop websites for business, blog, informative and blogging, websites. Keeping this in mind we have planned to put WordPress in our course module so that our trainee learns the concepts of CMS website and put SEO tags in the source code of the website.
In this module, we teach students to create a website using WordPress and put all important on-page optimization checklist in WordPress source code. We guide to work with all important plugins to use in the Website.
Features of this module:
  • Learn WordPress CMS
  • Learn important plugins
  • Skills to put SEO On-Page tags in Source Code
  • Be a WordPress developer
  • Be a blogger
  • Earn with WordPress blog
  • Work with WordPress


Module 5: Digital Marketing Introduction

Now this module starts, where we discuss all the concepts of digital marketing from initial. In this, we start firstly with the introduction of the SEO course (Search Engine Optimization), where we discuss all the important search engines and their crawler and spider with working concepts. We discuss all the essential concepts of crawler and spider and their role to rank a website. Then after we discuss the search engine result pages. After this, we start to teach the types of SEO and phrases in SEO. We discuss it deeply.

Then one of the most important topics starts i.e keywords research and analysis. Finding the right keywords and implementing them on the website is a very important task for an SEO executive throughout the job, or freelance, or any business promotions. So, putting the right keywords can be helpful to get more traffic and generate high business for any services, products, or business, etc. After discussing and practical implementation of all the above-discussed points. After this, the most important phase starts ie. On-page and Off-Page implementation checklists start. Where we discuss every single point related On-Page Optimization and off-page optimization with fully practical and theoretical.

  • Learn Digital marketing concepts
  • Types of SEO
  • Learn to improve skills and in keywords research and analysis
  • Skills about Crawler, Spider, Search Engines, and Search Engine Result Page
  • Concepts of On-Page and Off-Page Optimization
  • Apply for a job as an SEO Executive and SEO Job


Module 6: SMO
Module 7: Email Marketing
Module 8: Online Marketing
Module 9: Google AdWords
Module 10: Google Ad Sense
Module 11: Google Tools
Module 12: Google Algorithm

Thanks for checking all details Advance Digital Marketing Course. Being one of the best Digital Marketing Institute in Rohini, Web Development Institute experienced trainers and supporting staffs always try to put an extra effort towards our trainees to aware about the new latest technology of marketing. So let’s book a free Demo at +91-7683072463, with us, and join our course.

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