PHP Interview Questions for Fresher

In this blog we will see interview questions for PHP fresher developers, nowadays students got confused in an interview preparation I will give you some commonly asked questions in an interview that will be helpful for fresher developers. Some common questions every fresher developer should learn before the interview which is following:

Q1.  How to send email in PHP?

Q2. How to send attachments with mail in PHP?

Q3. How to use PHPMailer in PHP?

Q4. What are SESSION and the use of SESSION in PHP?

Q5. Difference Between SESSION & COOKIE in PHP?

Q6. Types of Cookie in PHP?

Q7. File upload in PHP with the database?

Q8. Multiple File Upload in PHP with the database?

Q9. Form Validation in PHP?

Q10. CRUD in php & MySQL?

Q11. Joins in MySQL

Q12. AJAX in PHP?

Q13. Login & Registration with proper authentication?

Q14. Include functions in PHP and the difference between them?

Q15.  Little Bit Knowledge of OOP Concepts & PDO in PHP?


I hope these questions will help the fresher developers to crack the interview, soon we will update the interview questions with answers on our website.


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