What are the career prospects of web development after 12th

What are the career prospects of web development after 12th

If you think about web development after the 12th, you need to know its career prospects before entering this field. You can find different courses in this field. They are either short-term job-oriented courses that help you get hired after completing the course. You can also enroll for long-duration courses to do specialization and get hired by big brands.

 As a student, you can learn web development after 12th and start earning through a part-time job as a developer.

With the rapid changes in the online world, you can find plenty of jobs in this field. Indeed, it is a job-oriented course, and many students and professionals learn coding to master the skills. 

With many jobs hitting the IT industry every year, you will find plenty of jobs in this field across the globe. The job profile available for a web developer is-

  • Front-end developer (web page & graphics)

  • Backend developer (expertise in .NET, PHP, Ruby)

  • Web application developer

  • Design & layout analyst

  • Web marketing analyst

  • Senior web analyst

Main job areas in the field of web development

  • Audio-Visual Media Agencies

  • IT Companies

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Publishing Houses

  • Marketing Firms

  • Design Studio

Once you study web development after the 12th, you start creating the space for yourself in the tech industry. The course in this field can prepare you for getting your dream job in the IT industry.

It is the skill that is in demand, and you can take the first step to start your career as a coder. You learn to install a server to modify the design to enhance UI/UX and every aspect that would help you grow in your career.

As a web developer, you take care of the functionalities related to website design according to the client’s needs to transform it into a functional website. 

After completing the web development course after the 12th, you can work as a web developer in a company that is an important position.


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