Salesforce Expert Course

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Module: 1

Salesforce Introduction

  • CRM Introduction
  • Cloud Computing Introduction
  • Cloud Computing VS Salesforce
  • Building Blocks in Cloud Application’s
  • SAAS
  • PAAS
  • IAAS
  • Cloud Services Providers
  • Different Products and Editions
  • Cloud Vendors in Salesforce

Module: 2

Salesforce fundamentals

  • Building Blocks in Cloud –Saas , PaaS, LaaS
  • Case Study based Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Power of Trailhead
  • Creating Free Developer Org
  • Introduction of Salesforce (SFDC)
  • SFDC Modules
  • SFDC Business Objects and their functionality
  • Module: 3

Salesforce Admin:

  • Data Modeling and Validation
  • An Insight into Standard Objects • Standard Object Flow (SaaS)
  • Understanding Custom Objects
  • Introduction to Tabs, Standard and Custom Fields
  • Introduction to Detail Page and Related Lists
  • Salesforce Data Model
  • Create Custom Objects
  • Introduction to Detail Page and Related List
  • Salesforce Data Model
  • Create Custom Objects
  • View the objects created in Schema Builder
  • Delete few custom Fields
  • What are Primary-Keys?
  • What are Foreign-Keys?
  • Understanding Roll-up Summary Field
  • An Insight into Formula and Cross Object Formula Field
  • Date, Text, and number Formulas
  • Module: 4

Business Process and Automation

  • Business Logics And Various Rule
  • Understanding Various Rules for Automation
  • Concept of Flows
  • Assignment Rules
  • Approval Process
  • Approval Process - Single-step Approval and Multi-steps Approval
  • Escalation Rules
  • Module: 5

User Interface and Analytics

  • Page Layouts
  • Record Types
  • Features of Page Layouts Limitations of Page
  • Layouts Standard Report VS Custom Report
  • Various Types of Reports
  • Defining Summary Report
  • Defining Tabular Report
  • Defining Matrix Report
  • Defining Join Report
  • Defining SFDC Report
  • Execute a Report with and without Modifications
  • Create a Simple Tabular Report
  • User filters in reports
  • What is a Custom Summary Formula Field Understanding Bucket Field?
  • What is a Bucket Field High-Lighting?
  • How to Schedule Report for Future Run
  • Introduction to Dashboard
  • Components of Dashboard
  • Usage of the Components of Dashboard
  • How to Select a Component to meet the Requirements Settings of Dashboards
  • Formatting of the Components
  • Running User Concept
  • Module: 6

Security Model

  • Salesforce Security Features
  • Object Level Securities and Object-Wise permissions
  • Comparing Edit Vs. Modify All and Read vs. View All Record Level Securities
  • Organization Wide Default
  • Profiles, Roles, and Permission
  • Sets Record sharing and Roll-Hierarchy
  • Sharing Rules and Applications Manual
  • Sharing Field Level Securities and Properties • Manual Sharing Field Level
  • Securities and Properties
  • Module: 7

Other Topics

  • List Views
  • Tabs Apps
  • Lightning App Builder
  • Enabling Web - to - Lead/Web - to - Case for the Org
  • Lead Convert
Module: 8

Basic of Programming:

  • What is Apex?
  • Understanding Collection Types
  • Best Practices
  • What are Loops?
  • DML Statements
  • Traditional for loop
  • Advance for Loop
  • Loop with SOQLs
  • How to Implement Apex Various Trigger Context Variables
  • Understanding Apex and Deployment Tools
  • An insight Into Apex Classes
  • Invoking a class via Triggers
  • Usage for a Visual Force page as a Controller
  • Comparing Controller and Extension
  • Test Class and Methods to Cover Apex
  • Capabilities
  • Sandboxes and their Functionality
  • Debugs Logs
  • Module: 9

Advance APEX

  • Triggers in Salesforce
  • Apex Transactions in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Web Services
  • Apex REST Methods

Apex :

  • Asynchronous Apex
  • Asynchronous Apex Types
  • Batch Apex
  • Future Calls
  • Queueable Apex
  • Schedulable Apex
  • Interfaces and Methods
  • Email Services
  • Test Classes

Module: 10


  • Using Lighting Studio Extension
  • JS, HTML
  • Conditional Template Rendering
  • Using apex class with LWC
  • UI Record API
  • Lighting Modals
  • Lighting Design System
  • Navigation Mixins
  • Record Edit Forms
  • Lighting Tabs
  • Lighting Message Services (Publish and Subscribe)
  • Bubbles
  • Parent to child Component communication
  • Child to parent Communication
  • Render callback, callback, error, functions

Module: 11

  • Auth2
  • Using SOAP Services
  • Using Rest API Services
  • Live Implementation of API Integration
  • Platforms Events

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