SMO Ads Expert Course

Training Mode Regular Fastrack Crash
Classroom | Online 45 days

(M,W,F or T,T,S Class)

(3 Class in a week)

15 days

(Monday to Friday Class)

(5 Class in a week)

10 days

(Monday to Friday Class)

(5 Class in a week 1:30 hour duration)

SMO Ads Expert Course is a one of the best course for those, who are really excited to learn to concepts of Social media ads and Facebook Meta business concepts. This course is a short term program where you can learn the complete concepts to run different types of ads on Facebook as well as Instagram. Joining this course help you to run images ads, video ads, carousel ads on Facebook as well as Instagram. This course is best for those students who are really interested to do some extra ordinary on Social Platforms.

This course designed by our professional trainer who is 10+ years’ experience. He is such excellent trainers in digital marketing industry. After completing this course you can run your ads all over country and give a global presence for your business, brand, services etc.

Canva Training

  • How to use Canva For Beginners - Complete Canva Introduction
  • CANVA Editor Tour - Top Panel Explained | Canva Designing Guide
  • Canva Editor Side Panel Explained - Canva Design, Canva for Beginners
  • Design with Canva p Make Quotes & Motivation Posts in Canva
  • How to Make Logo in Canva?
  • How to Design Instagram Post with Canva?
  • Create a YouTube Channel Art with Canva
  • How to Create Drip Effect with Canva
  • Amazing Canva Fonts For Your Designs
  • Find Color Palettes and Font Combinations
  • Create Professional Designs with Canva


  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Profiles
  • Manage Strong Profiles
  • Groups creation and Promotions
  • Events Creations and Promotions
  • Facebook Events
  • Facebook to Instagram Page Link
  • Facebook to whatsapp link
  • Facebook story
  • Facebook Real

Facebook Posts

  • How to Upload Photo and Video
  • How to Create Photo Album
  • How to Create a photo Carousel
  • How to Create Slideshow
  • How to Create an Instant Experience

Facebook Ads

  • Campaign Name
  • Buying Type
  • Campaign Objective
  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Ad Set

Create New Facebook Ads

  • Ad with an image or video
  • Ad with multiple images or videos in a carousel
  • Collection
  • Ad with Existing Post
  • Budget & Schedule

Meta Business Suite

  • Create Post on Facebook and Instagram
  • Create Story on Facebook and Instagram
  • Create Reels on Facebook and Instagram
  • Upload Videos on Facebook and Instagram
  • Go Live
  • Creating and Managing Reels or Video Playlist
  • Editing and Deleting Facebook and Instagram Contents
  • Insights

Facebook Monetization

  • Stars
  • In-Stream Ads
  • In-stream ads for Live
  • Bonuses

Lead Form Creation

  • Create a Lead Form for the Lead Generation Campaign
  • Connect Lead form to Email, Google Sheet, WhatsApp or any other CRM

Facebook Business Manager

  • Creating a Business Manager Account
  • Create Facebook Ads Account
  • Connect Facebook Page, Instagram Account and Business WhatsApp in Business Manager
  • Connecting Apps in Business Manager
  • Facebook Pixel Integration
  • Verify Domains
  • CRM Integration for Leads
  • Connect Ecommerce Website for Catalog Ads (Shopify and WordPress)
  • Business Manager Access

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Our team welcome, all our trainees to take free of cost class up to 1 year * after training., if they want to improve their skills or if they feel gap in their knowledge.
If you are facing any type of problem with class, we insure you to give refund ! We always takes a feedback with our trainees after classes. Further they don't love our classes after 3 or 5 , we will try to resolve it other wise we refund less amount.
Our team always committed to your success, so our institute offers students to pay their fees installment in monthly basis, rather than full amount*.
Equipped with more than 5+ years of industry experience our instructors will assure a successful leap in your knowledge, improvement and preparation. Know about our Instructors.
Online learning program that is designed to prepare your courses
At Next-G Education,we make sure for PG or Lodge or Room in very low cost. We always care our students which are coming from different location either they are from India or Outside India. So if your are interested to join our course and looking for Room or PG we definitely provide you in affordable cost. You can also share your arrival details with us in advance for proper adjustment ion few days.

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