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Video Marketing Course at Web Development Institute is designed to create creative video and promote on various platforms like YouTube, Myspace, Vimeo, etc. Our training process involve to learn and create high quality video using Adobe Premiere video editing software. After learning to create a quality video we will teach you all the concepts of ranking videos, traffic generation, likes a share.

This course at Next-G Education is designed especially for those guys who takes interest in Video creation and earn through various source like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, amazon prime etc. In this we will guide you to create YouTube channel with complete customization. Apart from this we will also discuss marketing concepts, improve video impression and views genuine.

Now a days almost 90% peoples used YouTube to upload video, campaigns advertisements, channel monetization, AdSense etc.

So, during this course we will discus all the concept to rank video on Search engines along with all the related popular videos plate forms. We will discuss the optimise title, description, tags, hashtags, etc. during the video uploading. And will teach how to advertise on YouTube along with channel monetization and concepts of earn money through YouTube.  

Course Outcomes:

Create Quality Videos

  • Video Marketing Introduction
  • Video Sizes and Quality
  • Type of YouTube Videos
  • YouTube Short Videos
  • YouTube SD, HD, 4K Videos
  • What is explainer Video?
  • Basic PC Requirements to Create Videos through Software
  • Create quality videos using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • How to create engaging video?
  • Compress Video Size

Videos Thumbnails

  • Create HD Thumbnail for your Video
  • Good Video Thumbnails Requirements
  • Create Video Thumbnails from Canva
  • Good Video Thumbnail’s Tips

Create YouTube Channel

  • Choosing Right Niche for your YouTube Channel
  • Create YouTube channel
  • Create custom YouTube channel URL and YouTube Handle
  • YouTube Channel and YouTube Studio Settings
    • General Settings
    • Channel Settings
    • Upload defaults
    • Permissions
    • Community
    • Creator demographics
    • Customize YouTube Channel
      • Video spotlight
      • Channel trailer
      • Featured sections
      • Channel Logo
      • Channel Banner image
      • Video watermark
      • Channel Description
      • Add Social Links
      • Add Email id

YouTube Video Upload

  • Upload Video
  • Using Proper Title, Description, Hashtags and Tags
  • Other Video Elements
  • How to make video private, public and Unlisted
  • Adding End Screen, Subscriber button and Cards
  • Creating Playlist

YouTube Channel and Video SEO

  • YouTube Channel Description
  • Default Upload Title, Description and Tags
  • How to gain organic Subscribers
  • How to Gain organic Views

YouTube Channel Monetization

  • YouTube Monetization Eligibility
  • Create AdSense Account
  • Monetize YouTube Channel and Earn Money through YouTube Channel

How to boost your YouTube Earning?

  • Best Practices to boost YouTube Earning

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Our team welcome, all our trainees to take free of cost class up to 1 year * after training., if they want to improve their skills or if they feel gap in their knowledge.
If you are facing any type of problem with class, we insure you to give refund ! We always takes a feedback with our trainees after classes. Further they don't love our classes after 3 or 5 , we will try to resolve it other wise we refund less amount.
Our team always committed to your success, so our institute offers students to pay their fees installment in monthly basis, rather than full amount*.
Equipped with more than 5+ years of industry experience our instructors will assure a successful leap in your knowledge, improvement and preparation. Know about our Instructors.
Online learning program that is designed to prepare your courses
At Next-G Education,we make sure for PG or Lodge or Room in very low cost. We always care our students which are coming from different location either they are from India or Outside India. So if your are interested to join our course and looking for Room or PG we definitely provide you in affordable cost. You can also share your arrival details with us in advance for proper adjustment ion few days.

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