What Education is Required to Become a Web Developer

Educational requirements usually vary for web developers and depend on what level you aspire to work. This is based on the work setting as well as other factors.

Education required for web developers

The requirement of educational qualifications for web developers ranges from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any discipline. Some employers prefer hiring web developer candidates who hold a Bachelor’s Degree in a specific field like programming or computer science.
Professional web developers need to have a thorough and clear understanding of HTML programming. Several employers also require developers to understand other programming languages like SQL or JavaScript and have a thorough knowledge of multimedia publishing tools like Flash. Web developers are required to stay updated on the new tools and computer languages throughout their careers.

They necessarily may not require education credentials if they can demonstrate their abilities through their work experiences or projects that they have already accomplished in the past. Web developers who hold a Bachelor’s degree can have an opportunity of advancing in their careers and can become project managers.  

Various education levels for becoming a web developer

Students who look forward to acquiring formal and effective education in web development have two typical avenues: certificate and advanced courses in the field. The professional requirements, goals, and the student's background will eventually dictate the path one would take in his career. The following sections will thoroughly give you a brief overview of the four different education possibilities in web developer courses and what the students should expect while enrolling in any of these courses.

⦁ Certificate courses on Web Development 

The certificate-level course on web development is well-designed for providing targeted educational training and is well-intended for students who require fundamental and practical knowledge related to web development. Prior programming & computer technology experience would prove to be helpful, but at times, this may not be required. Some of the certificate-level programs on web development courses serve as the best stepping stone to an advanced degree in the field’s vast and interesting field.

The program length of the certificate level top web development courses varies from a few months to years and depends on the course load & curriculum commitment from the student. Some of the top web development courses offered by a premier Web Development Institute (WDI) in Delhi are as follows:
PHP & MySQL – This course can be completed in 2 months if pursued in regular mode, can be fast-tracked to 30 days, and a crash course can be taken in 15 days.
CodeIgniter – This is one of the top web development courses at a certificate level and can be completed within two months if pursued in a regular mode, can be fast-tracked to 20 days, and a crash course of the same can be completed within ten days.
Laravel – Learn web development by pursuing the certificate course of Laravel. This takes 45 days to complete the course in a regular mode. The same course can be fast-tracked to 20 days and the same can be completed in a crash course of 10 days.
WordPress – WordPress is one of the most popularly used tools for web development. A certificate course on WordPress can be completed within 45 days if pursued in a regular mode, can be fast-tracked to 20 days, and the same can be done in a crash course of 10 days.

⦁ Advance courses on web development 

The advanced degree is a very popular track for aspirants who wants to learn web development and make a serious career in this field. This advanced-level course in this field can serve as a gateway to opt for a bachelor’s degree in web development. If you opt for an advanced course on web development, you would learn web development extensively and obtain a well-rounded education in this particular field.
Web Expert – This is a specialized advanced course offered by Web Development Institute located in Rohini, Delhi. This course is of 12 months if taken under regular mode and can be fast-tracked to 6 months if you want. It can be completed within three months if taken in a crash course mode. Learn web development in detail by undertaking this course.
Full Stack Developer – This course is for nine months and offers extensive knowledge of web development. This course can be fast-tracked in 6 months and covered in a crash course of 4 months.
Web Expert Premium – This course to learn web development is for eight months and can be fast-tracked to 4 months. This can be covered in a crash course of 3 months.
Backend Developer Course – This web developer course is for six months if you pursue it in a regular mode. This can be fast-tracked to 3 months if you want and can be covered in a crash course of 2 months.
Web Development Expert – This extensive and advanced course can be pursued in 6 months. This can be fast-tracked to 3 months. This can also be covered in a crash course of 2 months.

The Bottom Line 

In case you are an aspiring web developer, then you can choose any of the best web development courses discussed above. It will be best if you keep in mind that the most desired technical skills & competency areas in the field of web development includes HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), CSS Frameworks, JavaScript, Version Control, Responsive Web Design, Browser Development Tools, Programming languages, and testing. You should focus that the web developer course that you choose covers all these areas if you are willing to pursue a rewarding career in web development.

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