Q1. What is CSS and Types of CSS?

Q2. Which CSS Type should be used to design the Website?

Q3. Define any 5 Mostly used CSS Selector?

Q4. What is the reset.css file?

Q5. CSS Box Model vs Box sizing?

Q6. How to use the offline font in CSS?

Q7. Define CSS3 features?

Q8. Flex in CSS?

Q9. Pseudo Element in CSS?

Q10. Difference Between the opacity() and rgba() property?

Q11. Positions in CSS?

Q12. Background Properties in CSS?

Q13. CSS Variable?

Q14. Image sprites?

Q15. Animation in CSS?

Q16. 2D Transform and 3D Transform?

Q18. Display Property in CSS?

Q19. How does calc work?

Q20. Difference between direct child selector & descendant selector?



I hope these questions will help the fresher developers to crack the interview, soon we will update interview questions with answers on our website.



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