Q1. Type Conversion in JS?

Q2. ES6 most used Features?

Q3. this keyword in JS?

Q4. Event Bubbling vs Event Capturing?

Q5. What is DOM?

Q6. Mostly used JS Events?

Q7. Difference Between ===  and ==  operator in JS?

Q8. What is NAN in JS?

Q9. Timing Events in JS?

Q10. preventDefault() in JS?

Q11. Difference between let and var in JS?

Q12. What do you mean by NULL in JS?

Q13. What is an undefined value in JS?

Q14. What is the use void(0)?

Q15. Web Storage API of HTML?

Q16. Object in JS?

Q18. Array methods in JS?

Q19. Use of break and continue statement?

Q20. String methods in JS?



I hope these questions will help the fresher developers to crack the interview, soon we will update interview questions with answers on our website.


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