Q1.  Heading tags in HTML and why <h1> tag is used only one time on a page?

Q2. Formatting tags in HTML?

Q3. Difference between <b> tag and <strong>  tag?

Q4. Use of alt attribute in <img> tag?

Q5. Links in HTML, Types of links, and Use of target=”_blank” attribute?

Q6. How to embed Google Map on the contact page?

Q7. How to embed YouTube Video on Webpage?

Q8. How to link external CSS file in HTML?

Q9. Span tag in HTML?

Q10. New form inputs and validation in HTML?

Q11. Semantic Tags in HTML5?

Q12. HTML5 Features?

Q13. Advantages of SVG in HTML?

Q14. How to use favicon in HTML?

Q15. Audio and Video tag in HTML5?

Q16. How to use copyright symbol in HTML?

Q18. Datalist input in HTML?

Q19. What is an image map?

Q20.  Use of table tag in HTML?



I hope these questions will help the fresher developers to crack interviews, soon we will update interview questions with answers on our website.



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